Bellagreen Launches Spring-Inspired Menu | RSQ magazine

Bellagreen is releasing its spring menu.

Spring is in the air and bellagreen celebrates the changing seasons with vibrant new dishes featuring the best spring fruits and vegetables.

As temperatures change, the American bistro’s commitment to using clean, whole ingredients remains the same. bellagreen is proud to present the best seasonal harvests each quarter in its limited time menus and the entire range can be modified to meet the specific dietary needs of each guest.

Starting Tuesday, March 22, bellagreen is launching its highly anticipated spring-inspired seasonal menu, which will be available on-site, as well as take-out and the b green Rewards app and Customers can feast on these colorful dishes prepared by a chef:

  • Honey Garlic Cauliflower Wings (GF, VEG) Crispy cauliflower florets seasoned in a gluten-free tempura batter, tossed in a homemade spicy honey garlic sticky sauce, topped with snow peas and sesame seeds and served with the mango ranch dressing of Bellagreen.
  • BLT Chicken Wraps (SG) – Three baby iceberg lettuce wraps filled with crispy all-natural chicken seasoned with gluten-free tempura batter, chopped bacon and diced tomatoes, topped with green onions and served with homemade mango jalapeno ranch.
  • Root & Fruit Salad (GF, VEG) – Vibrant spring mix, romaine lettuce, snow peas, green peas and carrots, drizzled with homemade strawberry-lemon vinaigrette and topped with radishes, goat cheese and microgreens.
  • Paleo Salmon Tacos with Rainbow Slaw (GF, DF) – Seared Sustainably Sourced Salmon topped with Bellagreen’s Rainbow Jicama Salad, red onion, shredded carrots, red pepper and cilantro, tossed with house spices and dressing, all on tortilla wraps homemade paleo and served with homemade habanero sauce on the side.
  • Paleo Seared Salmon (GF, DF) – Sustainably sourced seared salmon topped with spring pea sauce, served over rice pilaf and garnished with green peas and snow peas, topped with microgreens.
  • Lemon Poppyseed Cheesecake (GF, VEG) – Gluten-free coconut, hemp seed and almond flour dough topped with lemon poppy seed cheesecake and topped with homemade whipped cream, fresh strawberries and lemon zest lemon.

“Our seasonal menu gives us the opportunity each quarter to introduce new, innovative recipes that enhance our offering,” says Jason Morgan, CEO of bellagreen. “As the greenest restaurant in Texas, we use Earth’s best seasonal ingredients to create a menu that will surprise and delight our customers. We want our seasonal menu to be enjoyed by all, so every seasonal item is naturally gluten-free and can be modified to meet virtually any dietary requirement, whether customers order in-store or in the b green Rewards app. .

For Every Paleo Salmon Tacos Rainbow Coleslaw dish sold in the Dallas area, bellagreen will be donate 50 cents to the Texas Tree Foundation (TTF), whose mission is to beautify North Texas by planting trees and encouraging others to do the same. Since September 2018, bellagrthis is it raised $55,108 for its local nonprofit partners, allowing them to plant 27,554 tree seedlings in Houston and North Texas.

Customers can download bellagreen’s new b green Rewards app through the App Store or Google Play for easy ordering and convenient pickup and delivery, while earning great rewards with every purchase. An additional feature of the b green Rewards app is “bella BUY 5” – where customers are rewarded for buying starters, desserts or wine. Once a guest purchases a combination of five items from these categories, they will receive a reward for a free starter, dessert, or glass of wine on their next visit. What else? The signature Honey Garlic Cauliflower Wings, BLT Chicken Wraps and Lemon Poppyseed Cheesecake will be included in the bella BUY 5 program.

Since 2008, bellagreen has been serving artisanal American bistro specialties including a variety of entrees, soups, salads, sandwiches, tacos, burgers, pizzas, pastas and homemade desserts. The brand was founded to provide tasty options for customers with dietary restrictions, including gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian. The menu features Best Aquaculture Practices (“BAP”) certified seafood, locally sourced Texas Angus beef and an extensive selection of Sustainability In Practice (“SIP”) certified wines.

As the greenest restaurant in Texas, bellagreen strives to help its customers “eat right and walk light” and ahe eight Bellagreen restaurants have officially reduced their plastic footprint by 90%. In addition to reducing plastic waste, bellagreen reduces its environmental footprint through water conservation, alternative energy, pollution reduction, sustainable sourcing practices, and furniture and building materials. recycled. to maintain harmony with the environment.

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