Best Gas Grills 2022

Best Gas Grills 2022

Having a grill is the ultimate pleasure of backyard cooking: you turn it on at the right time and your meal is ready in minutes. When it comes to choosing one, you can get charcoal, pellet, electric, portable, or tabletop style, but if you’re looking for something that makes outdoor cooking easier, gas grills are the way to go. . They’re simple enough to use even for beginners to grilling, heat up quickly, and often provide plenty of surface area to cook dinner for the whole family. But there’s a huge difference between having an older version and owning one of the best gas grills on the market.

“There is great diversity in the gas grill market,” says Paul Sidoriak, founder of Grill Montana, a site dedicated to grilling recipes and guides. “It’s hard to say exactly what makes a gas grill ‘best,’ given that everyone’s needs are different.” For example, if you’re looking to spend a little more, you can get a grill that will let you flip enough burgers to feed you and your friends in a single turn, with a built-in prep table and even a burner. to help you do all your cooking in one place. Many come with nifty features like a temperature gauge, rotisserie burner, sear burner, flavoring bars, different cooking grates, stainless steel grill grates, and battery-powered electronic ignition. Sidoriak recommends considering how many people you’ll be cooking for on a regular basis, what special features you’ll actually be using, and your budget.

To help you find the best, we’ve analyzed the most popular options on the market and narrowed things down by quality, features, and value. Here are the best gas grills you can buy right now.

Best Gas GrillgeneralI

An impressive choice with a large cooking surface

At just under $600, it’s one of the best values ​​you’ll find in a gas grill. Although the Spirit II E-310 is affordable, it was designed with quality in mind. It features three burners that produce a total of 30,000 BTUs per hour and 529 square inches of overall cooking area. Two side tables and half a dozen tool hooks help you stay organized while you cook, while the push-button ignition system makes lighting easy. And it’s backed by a 10-year warranty on all parts.

Best gas grill under $1000

A three-burner grill with a rotisserie and a side burner

This grill may look like it was designed to stay in one place, but thanks to its two large wheels and two locking casters, it’s actually quite easy to move around as needed. Powerful and portable, its three burners can produce 44,000 BTUs under the main cooking surface of 400 square inches. A side burner is ready to heat up sauces and sides while you grill. Wide stainless steel cooking grates retain heat well and create perfect sear marks while a built-in rotisserie lets you roast chicken. There are even fold-down stainless steel side shelves so you can prep food when you need it and save space when you don’t. A built-in condiment tray is just waiting for you to hold your sauces and go-to drinks.

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Best Large Natural Gas Grill

A powerful option that can serve the whole neighborhood

This is the grill you get when you realize that outdoor cooking is no longer just a hobby for you, but a way of life. With six burners, a rotisserie function, an infrared side burner capable of creating heat up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, and a powerful 900 square inches of cooking space, it has everything you need for all your cooking needs. grills. For the record, you can buy it configured for a liquid propane hookup, but when you go for hard natural gas, you’ll never have to worry about your fuel source again. And despite the fact that this grill is technically able to roll, it’s big enough that it’s best to choose your location and then attach a gas hose.

Best Kamado Gas Grill

A fast-heating grill that easily switches between charcoal and gas

A kamado is a little different from your average gas grill. Its thick sides absorb a ton of heat, creating an impressive cooking environment. And while traditional kamados use charcoal, this version of Vision Grill lets you use charcoal or gas depending on how much time you have and what kind of flavor you’re looking for. This particular grill offers an impressive 604 square inches of cooking space, as well as dual-calibrated fan dials to help you get that perfect temperature. Double side tables give you plenty of space to place your prep and finished product. And, while you’re probably not necessarily in for the look, it’s nice to be able to choose between eye-catching colors like orange, bright red and glossy black.

Best Compact Camping Gas Grill

An easy-to-carry option with a built-in chopping board

This spunky little grill is a great example of enlightened design. It sets up quickly and includes a separate prep table formed from the removable base and top cover, which doubles as a cutting board. Cast iron grates provide 154 square inches of cooking space, enough for half a dozen burgers at a time. Racks lift up for easy cleaning when cooking is complete. When not in use, it packs away in an easy-to-carry package with storage space for its own propane tank and the well-covered grill plates.

Best Portable Gas Grill

A tailgate-ready grill with three adjustable burners

Although it’s a bit too big to be considered a great camping grill (except for large prepped campsites located fairly close to parking spots), it’s a great option for tailgates, the park, or a nearby beach. of a car park. It’s also big enough and reliable enough to be your only grill, and it’s a great choice if space is limited in your home. Three adjustable burners can create up to 20,000 BTUs on an amazingly large 285 square inch cooking surface. Twin side tables keep grill tools or sauces close at hand, and when the cooking is done, you can fold the grill up and take it back to the car or garage on a pair of wheels.

Best Compact Gas Grill

A solid two-burner option that only takes up 4 feet of space

When this grill’s metal side tables are folded down, they take up just over four square feet of space, making it perfect for a small patio or balcony. It’s a little grilling, but that should in no way be taken in a pejorative sense. Although compact in size, the two burners and 300 square inches of cooking space it offers rival the quality of much larger gas grills. It also has many of the features you’d expect from a good gas grill, like an electronic ignition system, a built-in thermometer, and a cabinet that can accommodate your propane tank and some grill accessories.

Best Flat Top Gas Grill

A versatile grill that can handle breakfast, lunch And Having dinner

Flat-top grills are more accurately referred to as griddles and as such they can “grill” many foods like omelettes and pancakes that you can’t prepare on a traditional grill. On the other hand, you can still cook burgers, steaks and veggie skewers using the flat surface of this highly rated and very affordable large flat grill. The spacious 600 square inch cooking surface heats up quickly and evenly, while side tables and two large shelves provide ample storage space for storing grill tools or ingredients.

Best Low Cost Gas Grill

A Quality Starter Grill Under $140

If you’re not sure whether a gas grill is for you, this is a perfect choice for a starter grill. It’s compact, basic and easy to use, and best of all, it’s very affordable. The grill has a main cooking area of ​​240 square inches, plus an upper basket of 150 square inches. Its twin burners produce 25,000 combined BTUs. None of the stats here are going to topple a barbecue pit master, but for the price, this grill punches above its weight.

What to look for when buying a gas grill

There are a few different factors to consider when buying a gas grill. These are the main features to keep in mind when checking your options.

Number of burners

The right number of burners ultimately depends on the space you have — more burners tend to take up more square footage — and how many people you’ll be cooking for on a regular basis, says Sidoriak. “If you have a family of four, a compact grill will do,” he says. “But if you regularly cook for the whole softball team, you might want something with six or more burners.”

Integrated thermometer

A built-in thermometer is a handy way to see how things are going with your cooktop, but it’s not a requirement for good results, Sidoriak says. And, if you’re looking for accurate temperature, know this: “Sometimes they can be difficult to calibrate,” he points out.

side burner

Side burners are “extremely convenient, even if you just plan to use them here and there,” says Sidoriak. “They’re great for chilis, beans, and hot sauces,” he adds.

Lateral preparation tables

Sidoriak highly recommends having at least one side prep table if you can. “Having somewhere to sit your food and place it when you remove it from the grill is extremely essential,” he says.