Blind date: ‘I always feel uncomfortable being the only one who wants dessert’

Blind date: 'I always feel uncomfortable being the only one who wants dessert'

WHEN SHE IS HAPPIEST: Family cooking

HIS PERFECT COMPANION: Cristiano Ronaldo and an intellect

MASON S.: 23 / entrepreneur

NOTABLE LEISURE: He loves to cook and bake.

WHAT MAKES HIM A TAKE: It’s an older soul.



Eileen I was there at 7 o’clock sharp, but Mason was already there – I took his punctuality as a good sign.

Mason I arrived 10 minutes early to make sure the table was ready. She was on time, which was good.

Eileen He gave me a hug – very nice. He had a friendly, warm smile.

Mason She had a very beautiful smile. Her look was on the earthy and crunchy side, which is not my favorite style.


Eileen It took us a while to figure out that we had to scan a QR code to get the menu (a brilliant pandemic invention).

Mason Most of the conversation was about the places we’ve traveled and the cuisine. She loves to cook different cuisines with her roommate without recipes. It was impressive.

Eileen We talked about the culinary scene in Boston. We both love to cook, so I enjoyed talking to her about my culinary escapades. I loved hearing about his travels to India, and how he and his brother owned a bakery business when he was in high school – it was super impressive.

Mason The way I compare Italian restaurants is to order a similar dish each time if the restaurant is new to me. I ordered the chicken parm, which is my favorite. It was excellent.

Eileen I ordered a baked pasta dish and it was fabulous. My criteria for a good North End restaurant is that it does homemade pasta, and this place fits the bill.

Mason She told me she ordered vegetarian because it was Lent. So, I never ordered an appetizer and neither did she. This raised our religious differences.

Eileen We shared a lot of basic interests that 20-somethings have in common – travelling, cooking, being outdoors, exploring city life. Nothing came out where I thought, Wow, we’re a match made in heaven, but we certainly had many common interests and hobbies.

Mason I knew there was no romantic chemistry for me, so it felt like having dinner with a friend.

Eileen As we talked, it felt like our personalities didn’t gel. He was reserved, whereas I’m more comfortable with a very open guy. A few times I caught him looking around while I was talking, which I interpreted as if he wasn’t very interested.

Mason I’m interested in business and I didn’t get the impression that she was interested in it. I didn’t feel like we had a connection.


Eileen I always feel uncomfortable being the only one who wants dessert, so I was relieved that he wanted dessert.

Mason She had tiramisu and I ordered bread pudding. I offered her a taste and she wasn’t interested. She never offered to taste her tiramisu.

Eileen After paying I was ready to go home and I think so was he. We exchanged our numbers.

Mason We said goodbye in a friendly hug and that was it.


Eileen Probably not, but I’d like to swap recipes.

Mason No. He’s a really nice person and I wish him good luck.


Eileen /B+

Mason /B

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