City of Greenville moves to allow food trucks in residential neighborhoods


food trucks may soon be allowed to operate in residential neighborhoods of two acres or more, giving food trucks the green light at block parties, community gatherings, public and private pools, sporting events and more.

Changes in Greenville Municipal Land Management Ordinance – unanimously approved by the Planning Commission on March 17 – would allow anyone living on a lot of two acres or more, or on a set of lots equal to or greater than two acres, to bring in food trucks temporary where “the primary use is a residential amenity area, by vendors holding a valid mobile food vendor decal permit, and with the written consent of the applicable homeowner and/or homeowners association , and an approved temporary use permit.

City staff recommended the change after hearing from several community members who wanted food trucks for neighborhood events, according to Jordan Harris, associate development planner with the City of Greenville.

“It has come to our attention that this would be a desirable use,” Harris said, speaking in support of the changes.

No one else spoke for or against the changes at the Planning Commission meeting.

Planning Commission members joked that the rule changes might not impact neighborhoods that have previously held block parties with “illegal” food trucks.

“I’m pretty sure our neighborhood has been doing this for years,” Trey Gardner said, prompting laughter from the audience. “Sorry, but I’m not going to say who did it.”

The key word in the new rule changes is “temporary” – stationary food trucks are still not allowed under the new rules.

Now that the Planning Commission has approved the changes as a text amendment, the ordinance will go to city council for two readings before a final vote.

In the meantime, here’s a look at some food trucks operating in Greenville:

The black THaI: Offers modern American style street food with Thai influence. A unique bite full of flavor.

Click here for location/time information.

Henry’s Hog Hauler: Brings Henry’s Smokehouse – a Greenville institution – right to you.

Click here for location/time information.

Rolled Cuban: Authentic Cuban cuisine – from Cuban sandwiches to empanadas.

Click here for location/time information.

Seoul Republic: Offering Korean and Korean-style dishes.

Click here for location/time information.

Spinx Cluk Truck: Featuring Spinx’s legendary fried chicken.

Click here for location/time information.

Tacos and blah blah blah: Delicious tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos and more.

Click here for location/time information.

trendy burger: Burgers, chicken sandwiches and nuggets served in an innovative atmosphere.

Click here for location/time information or book them on their website.

Just a smile Caribbean: Serves up Caribbean flavors with an integrated sound system for a fully immersive experience.

Click here for location/time information.

The four-quarter man: More … than 50 different flavors of pound cake.

Book the truck on their website

Project host catering truck – Host Mobile: Project Host operates a food truck that sells food to the public and a mobile soup kitchen. Their mission is to use food as a tool to feed the hungry and train the unemployed.

Click here for location/schedule information.

Street: Husband/wife owned and oldest truck upstate.

Click here for location/time information.

TOP DAWG: Famous for its chili, but also serves a variety of wings, tenders and, of course, hot DAWGS.

Click here for location/time information.

We have beets: Upstate’s first vegan/plant-based food truck.

Click here for location/time information.