Desserts are on the menu at the Peach Cobbler Factory

Desserts are on the menu at the Peach Cobbler Factory

March 20—The Peach Cobbler Factory began as a pop-up stand at the Nashville, Tennessee, Farmer’s Market where Juan and Tami Edgerton sold cobblers. Their desserts were so popular that they opened a food truck, then a second food truck. In 2013 they opened the first Peach Cobbler Factory store.

Today, the Peach Cobbler Factory ( has more than 100 franchises across the country, mostly in the South.

“We just started the franchise six months ago, and we already have over 100 locations,” said Greg George, a partner of the Edgertons at the Peach Cobbler Factory.

And the newest is slated to open at 785 Shugart Road in Dalton in early April.

“We have 12 different cobblers and five different banana puddings and our peach tea,” said Anna Carpenter, the Chickamauga-based businesswoman who will open the Dalton site with her husband JR.

Cobblers are apples, nuts and raisins; honey apple; cinnamon peach praline; sweet potato pecans; caramel apple; blackberry; blackberry and peach; Cherry; mango peach; peach; Strawberry; and strawberry and peach. Banana puddings are classic, Nutella, Oreo and Strawberry.

The Peach Cobbler Factory also sells five different cinnamon rolls, including a stuffed cobbler roll and cold brew coffee. Customers can add ice cream to cobblers and cinnamon rolls.

“You won’t find this variety of cobblers and banana puddings anywhere else,” Carpenter said. “If you’ve never been to a peach cobbler factory before, you’re in for a treat. I’m sure people will appreciate what we have. I know I have.”

For carpenters, the opening of the Peach Cobbler Factory is an act of love.

“We heard about the Chattanooga site opening (on the University of Tennessee Chattanooga campus) and went there to try it out,” she said. “We had the peach cobbler and the banana pudding and fell in love with it. It was the best we’ve ever had, and when we saw they were duty free, we knew it was was what we wanted to do. It was a real leap of faith. But I’m really excited about this opportunity.

Carpenter said she worked in restaurants for many years, but hadn’t worked in that industry for several years before she got the Peach Cobbler Factory franchise.

Carpenter said those entering the Peach Cobbler Factory for the first time might want to start with one of the banana puddings.

“I love them all,” she said. “And I think other people will too.”

Carpenter said the restaurant will have indoor and outdoor seating, but will largely be take-out.

George said the full menu is available daily.

George said he would recommend the banana pudding to a first customer.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “I love everything on the menu. You can’t find these anywhere else. There is no other place that offers 12 types of cobbler. There is no other place that you can get five types of pudding There’s no place you can get a stuffed cinnamon roll with your choice of cobbler. But personally, if you have to try one thing, I’d say the banana pudding. It’s going to blow your mind.

George said opening hours for the Dalton store have not been decided, but stores are generally open from noon to 8 p.m.

“Our planned opening will be the first week of April, if all goes according to plan,” he said.