EarlyBirds writes about transforming the food industry

EarlyBirds writes about transforming the food industry

Forde, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The creator of open innovation ecosystem EarlyBirds has published an article on how actionable innovation can transform the food industry. Technology has long played a role in transforming and modernizing agriculture and food industries, enabling them to produce more food while improving sustainability goals and finding greater efficiency. This has resulted in growing investment in FoodTech, spurred by digitalization in food industries and fueled by new consumer demands. The intersection is between food, which is essential to all human life, and technology specifically designed to improve agriculture, food production, supply chain and distribution channels.

A 2021 Foresight report from Lux Research suggested: “Digital tools are key to overcoming disruptions in the food and agricultural value chain. The agri-food ecosystem is going through a phase of rapid and intense change, where most of the space’s growth in recent years has gone to companies outside of the top 20 players. As smaller, more nimble brands respond to consumer demand for personalization, larger brands will need to seek innovative solutions to regain lost ground and move forward. (Quote from Joshua Haslun, PhD and senior analyst at Lux Research). This means that larger companies, which may have a more established market share and customer base in the food industry, will need to adopt new ways of working and be open to new technologies if they are to remain relevant in the food industry.

The pandemic has uprooted many of the patterns established in the food industry after restaurants were forced to close for ‘home-cooked’ meals for an extended period, and many people have had to deal with cooking at home much more than they were used to. This increased demand for creative solutions to make cooking at home easier for everyone, and started a wave of innovation trends that continue to shape the industry. As people become more concerned about climate change and food waste, companies will have more incentive to come up with innovations that will allow less food to be wasted and ultimately create methane in the landfill. Supply chain challenges and consumers’ increased awareness of where their food comes from mean that technologies and programs that allow people to have better access to locally produced food can help both struggling consumers with rising food prices and farmers earning less money than ever after covering their costs. Operating. These are just a few of the trends likely to shape the food industry in 2022 and beyond.

Large companies in the food industry will want to adopt a range of technologies to address FoodTech challenges that cover things like raw material acquisition, processing, improving food safety, efficient production processes, supply chain management and achieving sustainability and Net Zero energy and waste goals. targets. Additional disruptions from robotics and automation and increased consumer demand for the freshest produce and better visibility of the food supply chain are driving change and a need for innovation to solve food supply issues. today with a modernized food and agricultural industry.

Food industry companies that want to get ahead of changes in the food and agriculture industries can use EarlyBirds’ open innovation ecosystem to find innovators and subject matter experts who can help them solve their business challenges with creative solutions without wasting time on complicated purchases. process that can take years. EarlyBirds also has its Explorer and Challenger programs that go the extra mile to connect businesses with the people they need to help them innovate their products, systems and business processes, whether they’re looking for ongoing solutions or assistance in resolving one technical or business challenge at a time. time. Those interested in learning more about what EarlyBirds can do for them can visit the company’s website at to learn more about all of the many industries their platform serves and how to work with them. innovators to embrace new technologies can help their business thrive.


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