Emmett’s Cafe at Open Air great breakfast, sandwich, salad

Schiller Bowl at Emmett's Cafe at Open Air in the University District.

G. A. Benton

fans of excellent Emmett’s Coffee in the Brewery District have more options now because a second, more spacious branch of the casual yet sophisticated restaurant has opened and features items not available at the original, pocket-sized Emmett’s Cafe.

Bonus: This new Emmett’s resides in the newly restored, bustling, and historic Open Air building at Neil Avenue and West Hudson Street in Old North Columbus.

Notable: Emmett shares ownership with Kelley Co. Real Estate, the company overseeing the renovation of the Open Air multipurpose building.

Chic old school decor

A wonderfully preserved and wonderfully remodeled three-story brick school building with highly stylized detailing, Open Air was erected in 1927 and designed by Howard Dwight Smith, who is best known for another of his architectural projects: Ohio Stadium.