Enchanted Rose Dessert at Catalina Eddie’s at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Enchanted Rose Dessert at Catalina Eddie's at Disney's Hollywood Studios

As you walk down Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll pass several average food outlets with counter service. None of these places offer outstanding cuisine. At a theme park with upgraded counter service choices, these options remain average.

One of these options is called Catalina Eddie’s. This place’s menu board defines boring Disney theme park food. Currently, the only counter service meals offered here are the Disney version of puffy pizza or a theme park salad. Still, I got a report from a fellow writer that a new item has appeared on Catalina Eddie’s menu board.

Over the past few weeks, Walt Disney World has added several new sweet treats. Usually these appear for a while and when this short period is over they disappear again. Usually, customers see a temporary display showing the new short-term treat. However, the “Enchanted Rose” dessert appears on Catalina Eddie’s main menu board. Maybe that means this “Beauty and the Beast” themed treat can stick around for longer than a few months. Yet, only time will tell on this matter.

The “enchanted rose” costs $5.79. The menu description reads like dark chocolate mousse with a taste of blackcurrant and morello cherry shortbread cookie, whipped cookies and cream fluff, and cocoa nibs coated in golden chocolate. Wow, that sounds like a huge combination of things for such a small dessert.

In recent Disney fashion, the mousse dessert reigns supreme. This mouse contains many cherry flavors. Yet this cherry flavor tastes natural. I suggest customers who don’t like cherries think long and hard before purchasing this. We should give Chef Disney credit for adding mousse that needs texture to hold this dessert together.

Also, this treat offers a nice amount of sweetness. Even a cursed beast will find it hard to ignore the power of this rose’s sweetness. However, other components of this treat balance out the sweetness of some. The shortbread biscuit provides a solid base with a lower level of sweetness than the mousse. Dark chocolate cuts the sugar level a bit too.

Some guests have compared this treat to a chocolate covered cherry. I suggest this taste is more like chocolate covered in cherry. The balance of cherry and chocolate flavors varied in this treat. Whipped cookies and cream fluff taste good but are overwhelmed by other flavors.

These treats are probably too small to share. The decadent rich flavor of many guests made this food very enjoyable for them. Others thought this dessert was just average. The taste of the cherry determines the enjoyment of the “Enchanted Rose” dessert. If you like cherry flavor, you might want to try this treat. As always, eat your way!

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