From Carrot Cake to Chicken Parmesan – NJ’s “Small Business Monday”

From Carrot Cake to Chicken Parmesan - NJ's "Small Business Monday"

Every Monday we open the lounge up for small business owners and employees to call and hook up their business. This week, we heard about one of the most diverse motives of business owners, from carrot cake bakers to dog walkers to the best chicken parm in America.

Dillon Kydd on Unsplash

Dillon Kydd on Unsplash

Here’s a list of the top picks from Monday’s calls. As we’ve discussed so often on the air, the backbone of New Jersey’s economy is the thousands of small businesses that line our main streets, our strip malls, and are increasingly popping up in offices. in people’s homes.

In 2021, there were nearly one million New Jerseyans employed in what is considered a small business. The accepted definition is less than 500 employees, but if you look at businesses that employ 20 people or less, there are over 900,000 people living off a true small business.

The real challenge in New Jersey is that most businesses rate the state of the economy as poor or fair, with only 3% rating the economic outlook as excellent. Clearly, politicians in Trenton have better things to do to help New Jersey’s small business climate or reduce the onerous regulatory burden, or ease the highest national tax burden. After all, some inmates think the word “inmate” is offensive, so they need to focus on ridding the world of this scourge.

Here’s a list of some of the New Jersey businesses we heard about on Monday:

Martinsville Tavern on Washington Valley Road in Martinsville

Kelsey from KK Candy explained the difference between a macaroon and a macron (both delicious)

Marilyn in Franklin Lakes called about her clothing store: Shop 811

Carol called to tell us about her son’s music school, musical note academy in eastern Brunswick

We learned that the best chicken parmesan is served at Restaurant Laicos in Jersey City.

Looking at the menu there are at least a dozen things I want to order next time I visit.

Brandon called and hooked up a company started by his mother, New Jersey Yellow Pages –

And we ended the show with a call from Carly who owns Best leg firsta dog walking business in Belmar

The above post reflects the thoughts and observations of Bill Spadea, host of New Jersey talk show 101.5. All opinions expressed are those of Bill. Bill Spadea is on the air weekdays from 6-10 a.m., speaking from Jersey, taking your calls at 1-800-283-1015.

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