History maker of cake industry in Sri Lanka

History maker of cake industry in Sri Lanka

RL Clement is a veteran who has marked a turning point in the cake design industry in Sri Lanka over the years.

Educated at Saint Lucia School in Kotahena, Clement was born with an aptitude for creating a variety of handicrafts and ornaments from an early age.

In the days of Sheila de Silva, Mallika Joseph and Saroja Anthony, who had made a name for themselves in the Sri Lankan cake design industry at that time, Clement turned to cake modeling as a profession.

Rather than following the cake designs imported to Sri Lanka at that time, Clement became popular for the home-style cake designs he created.

Despite having zero international experience, Clément used his innate creativity in his early days to become a pioneer in the art of cake modeling through intense dedication.

He then had the privilege of learning more at the Wilton International Cake School and in 1996 he received an ICES scholarship in the United States in recognition of his talent.

He’s happy to recall that his cake designs for the ICES summit in Baltimore, Washington were the talk of the town in the early years.

Many who witnessed the magnificent cake designs urged Clement to enter the 1991 cake competition held by British Sugar Craft in Birmingham, England.

Sri Lankan cake modeling was written in gold when Clement won the Gold Award in the Best Cake Maker of the Year competition, which also made Sri Lanka famous. He won the award twice in 1991 and 1992.

In addition to this, Clement won the Sugar Craft Grand Prix competition held in Japan in 2001.

For 38 years, Clément has been running the ‘Malmee Cake Exhibition’ where he teaches creations and skills to students at his cake design school.

Clément is proud of the talents of his students and assists them in every way so that they open up a bright future in the cake modeling industry.

Dedicated to Sri Lanka’s confectionery industry for over four decades, he shared his thoughts on today’s cake culture.

The subject of cake design is a subject with limited theoretical applications and a lot of practical work. Clement has been invited by countless locals and foreigners to educate them in the art of cake modeling and design through online platforms.

It would be futile. “It’s like learning to swim while being on shore,” he said.

Clement said his students who studied confectionery knowledge in countries like the US and UK have now reached a point where they have started teaching a new generation of students.

“Instead of only considering monetary gains, we should properly study craftsmanship and technology and pass this knowledge on to future generations,” Clement said.

Clement and his wife Sriyani Perera have two daughters Dinusha and Shanika who both reside in the United States.

Following in their father’s footsteps, they have both won numerous international cake design awards over the years. Additionally, Shanika is an instructor at the Wilton International School of Cake Studies and also has a license to teach in Sri Lanka.

It could be said that Clement and his daughters are among the most iconic cake makers in the history of the cake industry in Sri Lanka.