holi: fusion desserts with a touch of Desi ‘thandai’ ce Holi trend | Bangalore News

holi: fusion desserts with a touch of Desi 'thandai' ce Holi trend |  Bangalore News

BENGALURU: Fusion desserts like ‘thandai mousse’, ‘thandai pudding’ and ‘rasmalai tres leches’ among others are spicing up the Holi festivities in Bangalore this year.
Most popular among these fusion desserts are cakes, puddings, and even cheesecakes with a twist of “thandai” flavor.

‘Thandai’, a preparation associated with Holi celebrations, is made from a combination of dried fruits, almonds, fennel seeds, watermelon pits, rose petals, poppy seeds, cardamom, saffron, milk and sugar.
The city’s home bakers say the pandemic baking has encouraged more people to try new things, while others say giving a ‘thandai’ twist to other desserts makes it perfect for festive vibes.
Jayesh, a resident of Chamarajpet, says he has taken on the responsibility of preparing this Holi season’s desserts for his family and friends. “I started cooking during the pandemic and decided to do something new this year. I will make batches of ‘thandai cupcakes’ and ‘thandai mousse pots’ for my guests,” the software pro said.
City-based home baker Shilpa Gulati (@shilpagulati.cakes on Insta) says that while she’s been working around fusion desserts for a year now, this is the first time she’s used “thandai masala” for desserts. desserts like pannacotta and cheesecake. She says the response to her fusion desserts has been overwhelming.
“The Indian food industry is becoming extremely versatile and fast and I have used it to provide our customers with a unique palate of combination and taste that they enjoy,” she says, adding that recent fusion trends around festivals gravitate around the rediscovery of traditions. and family recipes from the heart.
Purvi Jasani of Crumbs and Flakes by Purvi is also witnessing encouraging demand for her Holi fusion desserts like ‘thanai motichoor mousse pot’, ‘thanai tea cakes’, cookies and more. “The inspiration for creating this is to retain our rich food culture. and merge it with modern trends to make it accessible to the younger generation,” the Rajajinagar resident says, adding that savory treats like baked windmill samosa are also popular during Holi.
Traditional Indian desserts will also be served with a vegan twist by some.
Shweta Thakur, founder and CEO of Wildermart, a city-based omnichannel grocery store, will offer vegan alternatives to “thandai”. “It’s the first vegan ‘thandai’ that tastes exactly the same as the real ‘thandai’,” Thakur said, adding that the biggest challenge was making Indian milk-based desserts vegan, while ensuring that they taste the same.
Trending around the world
It’s not just in town, food bloggers even in the US are sharing their love for fusion desserts this Holi.
For example, Divya Jhaveri (@livinginfused), a food blogger based in Arizona, USA, shared delicious photos and recipes of “thandai pudding pots” and “thandai tres leches” on her Instagram account.
A hobby baker who loves Indian mithai, Jhaveri says the fusion dessert is a natural fit for her.
In her Instagram post, she explains the fusion of Latin American (tres leches – made up of three milks) and Indian flavors. Instead of the conventional three milks, she drizzled the cake with “thai milk”.
“I haven’t yet met anyone who doesn’t like fusion desserts. People love unexpected combinations and textures – gulab jamun cake, motichoor laddus cookie, rasgulla whipped cream,” she told TOI, adding that this Holi she sees the use of powder “ thanai” in many unexpected dishes like chia pudding, overnight oatmeal, parfaits, etc.