Issa Rae

Issa’s Chocolate Chip and Cool Ranch Doritos Cookie aren’t the show’s only culinary contribution

An American comedy-drama series that made waves everywhere, Unsafe received rave reviews for his writing and acting. With star Issa Rae at the helm, Unsafe is a fan favorite the world over – and with all of the all-new fifth season on HBO, new viewers are discovering the joys of the original series. Unsafe is best known for his offbeat comedy and insightful storylines, but over the years he has introduced several interesting culinary creations into the lexicon of pop culture.

Issa Rae

Issa Rae | Paras Griffin / Getty Images for BET

insecurity the fifth season debuted in October 2021, and for fans there has been a lot to enjoy about the show’s final season which has been a mainstay since 2016. While the characters have been acclaimed, these are some of the food combinations. which really made waves with some discerning fans. Notably, in a recent episode of the show, viewers watch Issa enjoy a chocolate chip cookie and Cool Ranch Doritos.

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