Quick, easy and healthy dinner recipe ideas

Quick, easy and healthy dinner recipe ideas

Effortless dinner recipes that these foodies whip up in a snap.

Do you rotate the same arsenal of dinner recipes every week? Are you tired of the strenuous cleanup that a gourmet meal typically entails? The obvious answer to your problem would be to order takeout. But if you’re trying to eat healthy, takeout isn’t exactly conducive to that. Why can’t there be a dinner recipe that’s quick and easy, doesn’t involve Hamburger Helper, and doesn’t skimp on flavor? Fortunately, there are. (Nine, actually.)

We asked three creative food influencers to share the healthy yet beginner-friendly dinner recipes they continually turn to when pressed for time. The recipes below only take about 30 minutes (sometimes less) and will leave your table full of tasty, lively meals that will satisfy the whole family.

From stewed vegetables and sautéed shrimp to sriracha cauliflower and vegan fried rice, these nine easy dinner ideas only require a few trusted staples and a little fresh produce. There are even a few mouth-watering options that use up leftovers from the night before.

The Best Quick, Easy, and Healthy Dinner Recipe Ideas

Spicy Salmon Salad Rice Bowls

Kylie Mazon-Chambers/Cooking with cocktail rings

“This flexible recipe is a great way to use up leftover salmon,” says Kylie Mazon-Chambers, founder of Cooking with cocktail rings and author of SHARE + ENJOY: Create impressive and indulgent appetizer boards for any occasion.. “Fish does not lend itself very well to reheating so I rather combine it with Sriracha and Mayonnaise for a spicy salmon salad served over rice.

Seared Steak Tacos

seared steak tacos healthy dinner recipe
Kylie Mazon-Chambers/Cooking with cocktail rings

“Serve slices of seared steak on simply warmed tortillas with charred corn and scallions,” says Mazon-Chambers. “Finish the tacos with fiery salsa machaa Mexican chili oil condiment.

Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

creamy roasted red pepper pasta sauce
Kylie Mazon-Chambers/Cooking with cocktail rings

“This creamy roasted red pepper pasta sauce is made with just a few staples for easy dinnertime,” Mazon-Chambers tells us. “Serve the sauce simply tossed into your favorite pasta shape or top with creamy pieces of burrata, grilled chicken or sautéed shrimp.”

Shakshuka curry

Shakshuka curry eating bird food
Brittany Mullins/Eat bird food

“Featuring poached eggs in a savory tomato curry sauce with feta cheese, this shakshuka is a one pot meal that I fell in love with,” says Brittany Mullins, holistic nutritionist and food blog author Eat bird food. “It cooks in just 30 minutes and tastes amazing served with crispy sourdough bread.”

Egg roll in a bowl

Egg rolls in a bowl eating bird food
Brittany Mullins/Eat bird food

“This quick and easy meal combines ground turkey with coleslaw mix for a healthy meal that has similar flavors to an egg roll (but minus the fried wrap),” says Mullins. “A plus: it assembles in less than 30 minutes.”

Sriracha cauliflower and chickpeas on plate

spicy cauliflower plate recipe
Brittany Mullins/Eat bird food

“This easy-to-prepare dish features roasted cauliflower and chickpeas with a delicious Sriracha based sauceMullins explains. “I love that there’s minimal cleanup and that this meal is both vegan and gluten-free.”

Vegan Fried Rice

vegan fried rice
Jillian Glenn /Peanut Butter and Jilly

“This protein-packed, veggie-packed vegan fried rice is a healthier alternative when you’re craving takeout,” says Jillian Glenn, author of the new cookbook. Light and easy vegan cooking and founder of the culinary blog Peanut Butter and Jilly. “It will only take you about 20 minutes to whip up a mouth-watering batch of fried rice. It’s so easy it can end up on your weekly menu.

12 Minute Veggie Fajitas

Easy fajitas in 12 minutes
Jillian Glenn /Peanut Butter and Jilly

“If you’re looking for a balanced, hearty, healthy plant-based dinner, try these 12-Minute Veggie Fajitas,” says Glenn. “They are so tasty. Serve them over rice, black beans, salsa or guacamole for a nutritious side dish everyone will love.

Stir-fried noodles with peanut sauce

stir-fried noodles with peanut sauce
Jillian Glenn /Peanut Butter and Jilly

“Nothing is more comforting than noodles in peanut sauce. This dish tastes indulgent but is actually healthy,” says Glenn. tossing in a quick 5 minute peanut sauce.This is a family favorite that’s as quick to make as it is delicious.