Sierra Leone: SLPP Washington Metro Chapter Holds Farewell Dinner in Honor of Ishmael Bayoh

Sierra Leone: SLPP Washington Metro Chapter Holds Farewell Dinner in Honor of Ishmael Bayoh

In the words of Judith Martin, “The dinner table is the center for teaching and practicing not only table manners, but great conversation, consideration, tolerance, family sentiments, and all other accomplishments. of polite society, with the exception of the minuet.”

Even for this writer, the oldest form of theater is a dinner table, just as great dinner parties know few enemies. Wurie, together with his executive, galvanized and electrified his chapter members within days to host a farewell dinner for Mr. Ismael Bayoh, Information Attaché at the Sierra Leone Embassy in Dakar-Senegal.

The symbolic dinner took place in a specific location in Maryland on Friday March 18, 2022. It was right in the Swahili village, in the restaurant of the consulate in Beltsville -Maryland -USA.

President Fatmata Dausy Wurie and her dynamic executive chose this strategic location not only to accommodate the fifty volunteers for dinner, but also to show genuine love slpp, propensity, affection, inclination and tenderness towards Mr. Ishmael Bayoh . The SLPP Washington Metro chapter is seen as the stronghold of the SLPPNA.

Before dinner, the members entered the hall, elegantly dressed in SLPP accessories, meticulously designed by Mrs. Rakiatu Rashid Sandy, the regional treasurer of the SLPPNA.

Even the spectators were mesmerized by the elegance and flamboyance of the SLPP members in their green colors. These items of SLPP pride were on full display in the hall as members proudly displayed their loyalty, patriotism, chauvinism, jingoism, allegiance and nationalistic individualism. to their SLPP party. A passer-by, a Caucasian, calmly asked this writer if it was a dinner in honor of our president. And I discreetly answered him with a smile, pointing out Mr. Ismael Bayoh, that as a member of the party, based at the Sierra Leone Embassy in Dakar-Senegal, he deserves this honor.

The Caucasian then said, I thought it was for your president! So I told him proudly that if it was for our president, it would be a completely different atmosphere, probably in another more strategic location! The camaraderie among party members before dinner created a sense of hope and optimism for the 2023 presidential elections in Sierra Leone. The dinner was preceded by a photo shoot and display of SLPP green paraphernalia meticulously crafted by Mrs. Rakiatu Rashid Sandy.

The President, Mrs. Fatmata Dausy Wurie, in her usual jubilant, exultant and exuberant mood, urged her members to take pictures in the SLPP pride articles for the world to see the symbolism in green color. Mrs. Rachel Honor, the beloved Diaspora Coordinator, as usual, was actively involved in this fellowship, as was the Women’s Leader of the Washington Metro Chapter of the SLPP, Mrs. Phebian Tucker was at full throttle. Some executive leaders of the chapter, including Mrs. Lulu Leseni Agba, the second term PRO for the chapter, were all part of the great fellowship of the slpp before dinner.

Mrs. Kadi Lewis, the vice-president of the large and powerful fundraising committee, Mrs. Nancy Kallay, the current financial secretary of the chapter, were all part of the exuberance before the dinner kicked off.

Of course Madame Rakiatu Rashid Sandy’, the meticulous designer of the SLPP paraphernalia, and the former chapter treasurer and current SLPPNA regional treasurer were all at their highest to show the world, that the SLPP was the safest, most productive, fertile, fruitful, facund and high yielding way for the nation of Sierra Leone. Even the former president of the SLPP Washington DC chapter, ML Bah was in good spirits for dinner.

Ms. Kadi Ballah Jalloh, former Wonen regional leader of the SLPPNA, was stunned by the atmosphere created by the SLPP Washjinton DC chapter. This writer watched the Queen Mother truly mesmerized!

The dinner proper was preceded by invocations by former President L. Bah (Muslim) and Regional Treasurer and designer of the slpp paraphernalia, Madame Rakiatu Rashid Sandy (Christian).

In her humble introduction, the President, Ms. Fatmata Dausy Wurie, briefly explained why, along with her dynamic executive, deemed it prudent to mobilize and galvanize Washington slpp members to host a farewell dinner in honor of Ms. Ishmael. Bayoh, the Intelligence Attaché of the Sierra Leone Embassy in Dakar, Senegal.

Ms Fatmata Wurie prefaced her introduction by chanting aloud the slpp party slogan and this was repeated, in acclamation by her slpp listeners. All the other non-party members in the room were mesmerized by the loud chanting of the SLPP slogan!

With great passion, Ms. Wurie emphasized that the Global SLPP truly believes in family values ​​as well as the national welfare and progressive agenda of Sierra Leone.

Let every member of the party, regardless of affiliation, have a respectable status. Ms. Wurie previously featured Mr. Ismael Bayoh as the big reason her executive deemed it appropriate and prudent to hold a special dinner in honor of Mr. Ismael Bayoh.

Ms. Wurie then called on each member of the table of 12 occupied by SLPP members to make a statement to Mr. Bayoh.

Special SLPP paraphernalia was presented to Mr. Bayoh, by the popular Queen Mother, Mrs. Kadi Ballah Jalloh, who is also a former SLPPNA Regional Women’s Leader.

So many items of SLPP paraphernalia pride were presented to Mr. Bayoh by SLPP members including Chapter President, Mrs. Fatmata Dausy Wurie, Mrs. Rakiatu Rashid Sandy, Mrs. Lulu Luseni Agba, Mrs. Kiadiatu Lewis, Mrs. Nancy Kallay in recognition of Mr. Bayoh’s great contributions. for your information Attaché at the Embassy of Sierra Leone in Dakar-Senegal.