The 10 most popular TV shows on Netflix today, March 21

The 10 most popular TV shows on Netflix today, March 21

Since we last checked in on Netflix’s Top 10 Daily Shows list last week, the list has earned a new #1 show. The Monday, March 21 chart is topped by Is it cake?, a baking contest where contestants try to make cakes that look so convincingly like things that aren’t that they fool the judges. It’s number 1 because it’s a cinch to watch. Number 2 is Bad vegan: fame. Fraud. Fugitives.a real crime limited series about a vegan fraudster who would probably be disgusted by Is it cake? Number 3 is Invent Anna, Netflix’s hit Shonda Rhimes-produced limited series Grifter. #4 and #5 are a pair of final seasons – crime drama good girls‘ fourth and final season at No. 4 and historical drama The Last Kingdomthe fifth and final season of No. 5

But just because people watch a show doesn’t mean it’s always good. We’re breaking down the entire list of Netflix’s top 10 TV shows and helping you figure out what’s actually good and what’s not. We do the same for Netflix’s Top 10 Movies, as well as the overall Netflix Top 10 list. We also have recommendations for the 50 best movies on Netflix and the 50 best TV shows on Netflix.

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Based on Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows for Monday, March 21

For fans of: Cakes that don’t look like cakes | Is it good?: It does what it says it will do

The algorithm has an insatiable appetite for baking contests, so here’s another one. This one is about bakers trying to make cakes that look so much like things that aren’t that they fool the judges. It’s a simple and fun premise with lots of potential for cakes that make you say “Wow, I can’t believe this is cake”, so it sounds like a slam dunk as far as baking competitions go. – a slam dunk with a basketball is not a basketball at all, it’s a chocolate cake with orange cream frosting! Saturday Night Live veteran Mikey Day hosts. (Yesterday’s ranking: 2)

For fans of: Stories of gaslighting, cucumber lasagna instead of pasta | Is it good?:This is one of Netflix’s best true crime documentaries in recent memory

Netflix’s latest contribution to TV rip-off season is this true crime documentary series about the rise and fall of New York’s queen of vegan cuisine, Sarma Melngailis. Melngailis’ restaurant was a celebrity hotspot until she got into a relationship with a con artist who allegedly convinced her, among other things, that he could make her dog immortal. She finally pleaded guilty to stealing nearly a million dollars investors and staff of his restaurant. Even if you start getting ripped off, you’ll want to check this one out because it has real flavor. The series hails from Chris Smith, who produced Tiger king. (Yesterday’s ranking: 1)

For fans of: Crooks, Shonda, nonsense | Is it good?: This is very fun

This limited series is the first show that superproducer Shonda Rhimes has created since Scandal, and the true story that led her to open Final Draft again is a doozy. It is the only saga of Anna Delvey, played by ozark‘s Julia Garner, a wealthy German socialite who took New York society by storm in the mid-2010s — only it turned out she wasn’t wealthy or even technically German. She was a con artist who scammed various people and institutions out of hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to her almost supernatural self-confidence. She became famous thanks to a bomb New York magazine story, the writing of which animates the plot of Invent Annaas journalist Vivian Kent (Anna Chlumsky) tries to answer the question “Who is Anna Delvey?” (Yesterday’s ranking: 3)

For fans of: Crime, people who make bad decisions | Is it good?: This is a real underrated gem

Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman and Retta play three working mothers who decide to take their finances into their own hands by orchestrating and executing a grocery robbery. You can imagine what kind of trouble this leads to. NBC canceled the series before it could wrap it all up, but at least all the episodes are finally available on Netflix. (Yesterday’s ranking: 4)

For fans of: Vikings (also vikings), medieval times, men clashing | Is it good?: He is!

The fifth and final chapter of The Last Kingdom continues the story of Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon), a warrior born Saxon but raised as a Dane when the two groups were at war. (Yesterday’s ranking: 6)

For fans of: Big mouth | Is it good?: If you like Big mouthyou are going to like it

Anyone watching Big mouth knows that the hormonal monsters — the relentless forces behind the physical changes and inexplicable moods of puberty — are the most entertaining parts of the show, and now there’s a whole spinoff about what those monsters do at their desks. . It’s an animated workplace comedy about the creatures that inhabit this strange world beyond our own (depressed kittens, wizards of shame, lovebugs, etc.), and features returning guardian angels, Hormone Monster from Nick Kroll and Hormone Monstress by Maya Rudolph, plus new characters played by Aidy Bryant, Keke Palmer, Hugh Jackman and other super famous people. In the great tradition of Big mouththis show is very raw and very sweet. (Yesterday’s ranking: 5)

For fans of: Toni Collette, mums with secrets | Is it good?: You want it to be much better than it is

After a woman (Bella Heathcote) sees her mother (Toni Collette) stop a gunman with ease, she tries to find out the truth about who her mother really is. Collette is so good at playing mothers with dark pasts, but this thriller series — which starts out great with an intense first episode — never quite measures up to what it can do. (Yesterday’s ranking: 7)

For fans of: British hip-hop music and culture, narco-drama | Is it good?: Made the ting goes skrra?

This crime drama set in East London and Jamaica returns for its fourth season in 11 years (they do TV at a different pace across the pond) and the first since 2019. This season , crime boss Dushane (Ashley Walters) tries to keep a tight grip on his empire, which involves putting Jamie (Micheal Ward), who once came to shoot him, to work. Meanwhile, Dushane Sully’s (Kane Robinson) ex-partner tries to get out of the game, but it’s not easy, especially with the troubles of his young relative Pebbles (The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Erin Kellyman) brings her way when she comes to him for help. Boy Top is a gritty, gripping crime thriller, and it’s great that it’s back. (Yesterday’s ranking: 9)

Here’s What’s Worth Watching In Netflix’s Overall Top 10 (Movies & TV Shows)

For fans of: Emotional manipulation, asking “did this really happen?” | Is it good?: Nope

You may know Tyler Henry, TV’s first clairvoyant psychic, as a “Hollywood psychic” from his E! reality series where he gave readings to celebrities. Now he’s on Netflix giving normal people readings, which is the basis of Life after death. I’ve never bought into the whole thing like this, but I don’t work at Netflix either. (Yesterday’s ranking: 8)

For fans of: Human drama, total emotional chaos | Is it good?: If you liked season 1, you will enjoy season 2

The reality sensation that was the biggest show in America just before the pandemic hit is finally back for a second season. The premise is now the same as it was then: a group of bachelors are sequestered in a house where they meet potential love partners. They get to know each other by chatting for hours in modules where they cannot see each other. Some of them get engaged, and then we follow them as they try to make it work outside of the pods and prepare for their weddings. It drops in batches of episodes over the course of a few weeks, each covering a different part of the process. It’s a fascinating social experience with jaw-dropping surprises and wild characters (I’ll never forget Season 1’s Jessica, who gave her dog wine from her own glass on camera – and I don’t I’ll never forget Season 2’s Shake, who told host Vanessa Lachey he was attracted to her in front of her husband, the rest of the cast, and all the cameras on the show). (Yesterday’s ranking: 10)

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