The best breakfast cereals you need under Rs 500 to make your mornings energized and hassle-free

The best breakfast cereals you need under Rs 500 to make your mornings energized and hassle-free

If you’ve been skipping breakfast lately just because you can’t find the time to make it, the cereal mix is ​​just what you need. The best breakfast cereals are none other than grain foods that are ready to eat and require no extra effort. Usually it is mixed with cream or milk and topped with sugar, syrup or fruit. Grain-based foods are great for weight loss and have nutritional benefits. Cereals are fortified with vitamins and minerals and consist mainly of corn, wheat, rice or oats. If you can’t find your homemade roasts tasty enough to break your fast, then cereal should be your option for staying healthy.

Here are 7 best grain products for breakfast:

This list of breakfast cereals is curated by Amazon based on reviews and ratings. So scroll down and grab your box of breakfast cereal to make your mornings energized and hassle-free.

1. Roasted millet muesli breakfast cereal

Hectic lifestyles make us give up breakfast in the morning even though we are hungry. But with these easy-to-make breakfast cereals, all you have to do is pour the cereal mix into a bowl with milk and just eat. This muesli with real cranberries and toasted almonds can be enjoyed with the milk or yogurt of your choice or even eaten plain as a snack.

Price: Rs 459

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2. True Elements Weight Loss Cereal

Make your breakfast extremely rich in vitamins and minerals with this cereal which is an amalgam of whole grains, oats, seeds and dried berries. This muesli keeps you fuller and helps you lose weight. It is low in carbohydrates and cholesterol, which may help prevent the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Price: Rs 500

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3. Granola breakfast cereal

With calcium and vitamin D that help maintain bone health, this crunchy, nutty granola cereal is one of the best breakfast cereals you need to add to your diet. It combines the goodness of whole grains with a delicious flavor that’s perfect to start your mornings off to a happy start.


Price: Rs 219

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4. Cereals without cholesterol

Loaded with wholesome millet and other delicious ingredients, it’s a source of protein and a fiber-rich grain that boosts your energy and makes you stronger. It’s the best breakfast cereal to jumpstart your mornings and set you up for the day.


Price: Rs455

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5. Oreo O’s Cereal

Do you know why kids hate waking up early when they stay awake on their bed? It’s because of the breakfast! Feed them these chocolate-flavored Oreo cereals that are high in iron and high in thiamin for added nutritional value and also have the benefits of vitamin D for a more proactive day. They will definitely wake up early just to have breakfast after tasting this!


Price: Rs485

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6. Sugar-free cereal for weight loss

Packed with the fresh taste of Alphonso Mango, Banana, Raisins and Blackcurrant, this premium oatmeal comes from Australia and is packed with nutrients, with all the ingredients that are good for you, in all quantities. that suit you. If you think healthy can’t be absolutely delicious, this pack will be a surprise for you.

oat flakes_6.jpg

Price: Rs 399

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7. Belgian Dark Chocolate Breakfast Cereal

Made with the finest antioxidant-rich Belgian dark cocoa for an incredible taste experience, these breakfast cereals are crisp, crunchy and deliciously cooked to give you the perfect crunch and texture. It is filled with the best almonds that provide you with the energy to improve your day.


Price: Rs 288

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Switch to a healthy breakfast by choosing the best breakfast cereals from the list above and providing yourself with a healthy and energetic lifestyle. Skipping breakfast is one of the main reasons for multiple skin and health problems. So save yourself and eat healthy!

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