The hottest cake trends of 2022 | modern restaurant management

The hottest cake trends of 2022 |  modern restaurant management

Yvette Castillo of Paris Baguette offers dishes on the cake trends to watch this year.

To help us understand which cake trends are and which are not, we turned to an expert: Yvette Castillo, Senior Research & Development Manager at Paris Baguette. Castillo not only oversees all uplifting cake designs for bakery cafes across the United States, but also has a long history of cake decorating in his own right. Below, according to Castillo, are the new cake trends for 2022.

1. Chocolate Centerpieces

“These exploded in popularity last year, especially because of the Netflix show ‘School of Chocolate’. On cakes, chocolate centerpieces can take the form of a single piece of chocolate or even something as experimental as chocolate ice cream sculptures on cakes,” says Castillo. “These days, people are constantly putting unique chocolate designs on their cake. Most of the time, they might even use white chocolate to add some color to it or to make it really abstract.

2. Cakes off the beaten track

“Square or abstract cakes are very popular right now,” says Castillo. “And although they are really different from what people are usually used to, I personally find them super interesting. I have seen them take many shapes and with many additions, but often they will be combined with a lot of flowers. Paris Baguette currently offers a cappuccino cake, Castillo explains, which is a more abstract cake than a normal round cake in that it resembles a cup of cappuccino with foam sticking out the side. towards her,” Castillo says. “You’ll also see a lot of influencers using more flowers on their cakes these days. They will even sometimes show how they make using real flowers safe for cakes by wrapping the stems of the flowers with cling tape so they can insert them into their cakes.

3. Common flavors, with a twist

“Right now, you see people taking common flavors — strawberry, vanilla, chocolate — and then introducing a new flavor into the mix,” Castillo says. “I like to call it ‘A common flavor, with a twist. At Paris Baguette, for example, you can find a Matcha cake – the Green Tea Strawberry Soft Cream Cake. It is very unique compared to most normal cake flavors as it combines green tea sponge cake covered in sweet cream with strawberries inside. “In this way, he mixes Paris Baguette’s most popular cake, strawberry soft cream, with a green tea sponge cake,” Castillo explains. “Or maybe, for example, you’ll also see a strawberry cake with the flavor of rose added. Or a blueberry cake with the addition of lavender. People are drawn to the idea of ​​trying something new while maintaining tradition.

4. Acrylic Centerpieces

In addition to chocolate centrepieces, people also rely heavily on acrylic ones,” says Castillo. “Rather than using letters written in fondant on the cake, this is a great option. They can be personalized to say ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Happy Birthday’. They really pop on the front of the cakes.

5. Alternatives to cake

“Yeah, technically it’s not a cake trend,” Castillo says, “but we’re starting to see customers shift their dessert preferences away from strict cakes and also consider other options like towers of macarons, walls of donuts, etc. Even in our own Paris Baguette bakery cafés, customers buy an assortment of pastries, accompanied by a slice of cake, to mark an occasion. It’s a fresh and new way to Watch the dessert Don’t worry, though, the cakes will always be a classic.