There’s always room for cake

Jim Whitehouse

“Mmm! Good cake,” Dan says.

We are sitting at the table after dinner at our mutual friend Mango’s. Mango is a good cook, and the cake, like the meal, is really good.

“So what could be better? Wedding cake or birthday cake? asks Mango. “Philosophically speaking, of course.”

“I would ask my grandmother if she was still alive,” Dan said. “She was a cake expert.”

“If you give me another slice of cake, I’ll answer the question,” I said.

Mango deals another 3 slices of cake like aces on top of the deck.

“Wedding cake is better, because wedding cakes are almost always bigger than birthday cakes. More cake. More better,” I said. amazing cakes for birthdays. She kind of hollows out the middle before putting the icing on, then puts a handful of the birthday person’s favorite candy in the little cave. Then she ices the cake. When the cake is cut, all the candies come out as a surprise,” I say.

“Lots of sugar,” Mango says.

“Yes, indeed,” I said. “A lot of sugar. But a nice birthday surprise.