This is exactly Adele’s breakfast, lunch and dinner – Eat This Not That

This is exactly Adele's breakfast, lunch and dinner - Eat This Not That

Now everyone has seen Adele’s great weight transformation! Since photos began to surface in late 2019 of the slimmed-down singer, fans and critics have been speculating how she lost 100 pounds

A year later, in October 2020, she appeared even thinner while hosting Saturday Night Live. “I know I look really, really different since the last time you saw me,” she joked during her opening monologue. “But actually, because of all the COVID restrictions and travel bans, I had to travel light and I could only bring half of me, and that’s the half I chose.”

Although Adele herself has been quoted saying British vogue, “I didn’t go on a diet”, rumors circulated (from the New York Post) that she may have been on the Sirtfood diet. “If anything, I eat more than before because I train so hard,” she added.

The Sirtfood diet eliminates processed foods, sugar, whole dairy products, and many starches, but also contains foods that generally fit into a healthy lifestyle. To be clear, Adele has never attributed her weight loss to the Sirtfood diet. However, since the foods in the Sirtfood meal plan would suit many typical healthy lifestyles, it’s possible she followed the meal plans without considering it a “diet.”

Read on to find out what a typical meal day might look like for Adele. And then, don’t miss how 16 famous celebrities prepare their morning oatmeal.


Adele said vogue that she does not practice intermittent fasting (big slimming trend of the moment). By this, we can conclude that the interpreter of “Hello” does not say “goodbye” to breakfast.

The Grammy winner once said, “I used to drink ten cups [of tea] a day with two sugars each.” She also admitted to “obviously” preferring tea to coffee in her interview with British vogue. Nowadays Adele can be said to start her day with a cup of tea, hold the sugar.

After her morning tea, a typical Sirtfood breakfast might consist of soy yogurt with mixed berries, chopped nuts and dark chocolate, according to The food web. Or, she might opt ​​for a quick green juice instead if she’s on the go. Kale, arugula, celery, apple, lemon, and matcha are examples of Sirtfood-approved juices.

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kale salad

“Adele has been doing rigorous weightlifting and circuit training sessions every day — twice a day if her anxiety is high — for three years and more,” she says in-depth vogue maintenance.

No doubt she’ll need to stock up on a few nutritious treats to refuel between gym sessions. A typical Sirtfood-approved lunch for Adele might consist of a kale salad with parsley, celery, apples and walnuts topped with olive oil and lemon juice. Buckwheat is also very present in the Sirtfood world. So the “Rolling in the Deep” singer might opt ​​for a strawberry buckwheat tabbouleh with avocado, tomato, dates and parsley topped with an olive oil and lemon vinaigrette.

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Karwai Tang / Wire Image

As for dinner… it may not be Sirtfood approved, but one thing is for sure, Adele can cook! “I learned to cook on my own maybe when I was 18,” she said British vogue. When takeaways became unsustainable, she turned to her fellow Brit Jamie Olivier to help. “I read ’30-Minute Meals’ by good old Jamie Oliver. That’s how I learned the basics of cooking.”

She also mentioned that her son’s favorite meal is a classic British Sunday roast, which she is “very good at making every Sunday”.

If it’s not Sunday, however, she can opt for a more Sirtfood-approved meal. A grilled or baked chicken breast with kale and onion salad topped with a tomato and chili salsa is one option that would keep it on track.

Rosé wine

In a typical Sirtfood plan, red wine is allowed because it happens to be “rich in sirtuin activators,” according to United Kingdom Marie-Claire. However, it is well documented that Adele enjoys her rosé.

“My first emergency grocery run was for Whispering Angel and ketchup,” the 33-year-old said. vogue of its pandemic panic buying. “Whispering Angel turned me into a barking dog. It didn’t make me whisper.”

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big mac and mcdonald's fries

As she sits with British voguethe “Easy On Me” singer managed to slip a good old McDonald’s in conversation. “My ideal meal, my death row meal, my last meal, would be a McChicken Nugget with a Big Mac and then fries,” she said of McDonald’s staples. “It’s my three course [meal]. I eat it at least once a week!”

How she manages to fit this 1200+ calorie meal into her weekly diet and still look as good as she looks is beyond us!

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