Thrillist food and travel writer Matt Kirouac stops over in Pensacola

Food and travel writer Matt Kirouac sips a cocktail at 86 Forks Bar + Table with Visit Pensacola's Lindsey Steck while on assignment.

Pensacola may have already earned its reputation as a foodie town with locals, but now it has caught the eye of a national freelance food and travel writer. Matt Kirouac.

Kirouac’s work has appeared in well-known publications such as Travel + Leisure; Thrillist; Eat this, not that!; Zagat; Cultural trip; TripSavvy and Plate loader. One of his most current projects will focus on the exploration and discovery of Pensacola.

For each city visited by Kirouac, he devotes several days to researching the history and culinary experiences that make up the city. He then compiles the information from the documents to create authentic and playful tour guides filled with must-see places and must-visit restaurants.

“For me, that’s probably the main thing,” Kirouac said of sampling new restaurants on his travels. “I’m ready to invest more (in restaurants) than in other things.”

This week, Kirouac will compile a comprehensive travel guide to Pensacola for Thrillist, capturing some of the best restaurants, bars, parks and theaters based on his experiences in the city. The article should be published in the next month.