Young woman calls out family over ‘ridiculous’ family dinner duty: ‘I’m 22’

Young woman calls out family over 'ridiculous' family dinner duty: 'I'm 22'

A woman argued with her family when they forced her to sit at the children‘ table.

she consulted Reddit‘s”Am I the A******? (IATA)” forum for advice. During a family party at her aunt’s house, she was shocked when she was not allowed to enter the family room. The aunt insisted that she sit at the children’s table in a separate room while everyone dined in the family room.

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“Last weekend, I was at a family party at my aunt’s to celebrate my cousin’s (son’s) birthday,” she said. wrote. When it was time to eat, I took my plate and started down where everyone had gathered from the food is upstairs and the family room is downstairs. My aunt rushes over and asks me where I’m going. I said downstairs like everyone else and she told me I had to sit at the table so I didn’t spill anything or make a mess.

“I didn’t like it because I’m 22 and I know not to mess up and also because the only people sitting at the table were my three little cousins ​​who are 13, 10 and 6. I told her again that I didn’t need to sit at the table, but she stood in front of me and blocked my way downstairs, so I gave up and sat with my little cousins .

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But when the aunt wasn’t looking, the Reddit poster slipped in the family room.

“Someone told my aunt there was no water in the cooler, so she went back to the kitchen to get more,” she said. Explain. “Since she couldn’t see me, I decided to go down anyway. About 5 minutes later she comes downstairs and sees me sitting on the couch eating and asks me to come back up to eat at the table. I tried to be respectful but said I was too old to eat at the kids table and couldn’t understand why I was expected to eat with them when my 24 year old sister n didn’t have to.

“My aunt huffed and came back upstairs and finally sat down with her own plate of food. She seemed a little upset about the rest of the party. In the car, on the way residence my dad said I should have sat at the children’s table and listened to my aunt because it was her house. I didn’t reply because I didn’t want to drag the issue out, but I thought it was ridiculous that they were making such a big deal OK.”

“She wanted a babysitter. That’s why she wanted you to eat with her kids,” one user said. noted.

“You’re old enough to go to war but you’re not old enough to sit with the adults-UPS?” another one commented.

“I think you showed him that you weren’t going to put up with being taken advantage of and bullied. Good for you”, someone wrote.

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